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About John Netti


I spent the early years of my career as a rehabilitation counselor offering a hand to people in need. Some took it, and with them, I was privileged to share their journeys for a while. I learned of real human suffering, the tragedies, and the victories of life. But most of all, I realized we share a never-ending quest to be known.

I remember a eulogy a friend gave for his son, who died unexpectedly in his mid-thirties. He said when someone said to Brian, ‘It’s good to see you,’ he would respond, ‘It’s good to be seen.’ I hope to convey in the stories I write aspects of the people I’ve known so they can be seen again.

Jacobi Park

Upcoming Book

Supernatural Thriller


Mike Havlicek stumbles through his final years as a cop, waiting for retirement. Each day is a repeat of the last…

The Ledger

Upcoming Book (Sequel to The Glades)

Seven years is a long time. Maddy Reynolds gazed through the airplane window, city lights glistened, and the night…

The Glades

Upcoming Book

Maddy has had enough of blood-smeared floors, heads dangling from rubbery necks and glazed over eyes. Biding her time and waiting for…



In 1964, 12-year-old Maddy Reynolds kneeled at her father’s grave and promised to follow in his footsteps to become a detective. James Reynolds was…


Cupid Reviews

Cupid is a riveting , page turning thriller. Plan to set aside a few hours to read as it’s hard to put down. I found myself cheering for Maddy in her pursuit of Cupid. Hang on for a wild ride and a nail-biting finish. I would love to see this book as part of a series.


Kept me in suspense throughout the book! Not until the author wanted me to know who Cupid was, did I figure it out. I love a good mystery read, and this proved to be a great one. I finished it in just a few days! I’ll be looking for more from Netti.


Oh, my goodness, I couldn’t put this book down. I became absorbed into the characters personalities, past and present blend for an exciting read. Looking forward to the future series of John’s stories.


Cupid is far from your classical sweetheart story. This is a fast-paced thriller exposing a heinous hunter who becomes the hunted. A real page turner by an emerging author … John Netti.


I’m an avid reader and this book was a page turner. Great character development and felt a real connection with Maddie, the main character in this suspenseful story. Strongly recommend. You won’t be able to put it down.


Great book from a first-time author. It’s easy to lose yourself in the story. The captivating characters draw you into the suspense. I can’t wait for the sequel!


Cupid is a very well-written, suspenseful thriller with as many surprises as Christmas morning. The clever author will keep you — and the detective protagonist — guessing about the identity of the killer until well into the book. One of the most intriguing aspects of the novel is the cast of helpful, unusual characters who supports the detective in her search for justice. It’s also nice to see an intelligent, determined female main character who never gives up, even when she becomes the killer’s target. This difficult time of our lives is the perfect time to sit down with a good mystery, and this compelling thriller will not disappoint.

Megan Davidson, Author and Writing Instructor

I couldn’t put it down. Cupid is a classic cop chasing the criminal drama, except who is really chasing who? Fresh insights, lots of plot twists, and great characters make this book a must-read!


The Glades Reviews

Every now and then I read a novel that is just about flawless in its concept and execution, and that is indeed the case with The Glades. It’s clear that John Netti has put a lot of thought into the flow of his story, the timing involved, and the rise of suspense that runs throughout the work. But that’s not all. The characters are engrossing and well-defined, especially the protagonist, Maddy Reynolds, a retired police detective. The plot builds quickly, and the pace is brisk throughout. The story begins with Maddy’s attempt to build a new life for herself in the Adirondack mountains, a task that is more complicated than she imagines. When she meets Avery Jordan, a wealthy playboy who owns a magnificent mountain-top resort called The Glades, she cannot understand why someone of his background he is so interested in her. But what exactly is his background? Why is the Glades virtually closed to the public for most of the year? When locals go missing and turn up dead, Maddy is hard-pressed to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Is it all a matter of coincidence? Or something much, much more sinister? A troubled young man named Hector tries to help her unravel the mystery of The Glades, but only succeeds in putting his life – and Maddy’s — in danger. The Glades is a spellbinding potboiler that keeps readers holding there breath up to the very end.

Megan Davidson, Author of The Thundering 

  John Netti’s second novel, The Glades, follows detective Maddy Reynolds from his first novel Cupid into her retirement at a newly-built home in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Netti shows us that fate can’t be denied and that evil is everywhere, even in the pristine nature of Upstate New York.

      The action picks up right away as Maddy concludes her last case from the Utica Police Department despite her attempt to leave the world of murder and danger behind. Tension builds immediately on November 10, 1983, and continues through the conclusion in November 1984.  Time is marked by dates before each chapter, moving back and forth through time and place. Using this device, Netti introduces disparate events and characters met in Cupid: Amber, Jody, Maddy’s Utica colleagues, and introduces new characters, brother and sister Hector and AJ, beautiful albino Naomi, and the ambitious criminal entrepreneur, Avery Jordan.  Naomi and Avery run The Glades, an exclusive private club on a mountain top near Maddy’s new home. Thoroughly evil, Jordan has sold his soul at the Crossroads; his time has almost expired. At The Glades, power, money, and sex are meant to pay off his contract.

    Piece by piece, Netti weaves these characters into a complete narrative of sex trafficking, corrupt politicians, murder, and the inevitable draw of righteousness and justice.  As the story unfolds, the tension builds, and the reader eagerly reads to find out what will happen to the characters we care for and the ones we abhor. The pace is quick, making the book hard to put down: who will die, who will survive, will justice be served?

     These questions are resolved through Netti’s fast-paced storytelling, the characters he creates, and reflections on good versus evil. Maddy’s father’s badge is her talisman which compels her, perhaps even fates her, to fight for justice, to right wrongs, to defeat evil, for “ Hell is empty, and all the devils are here,” as Netti quotes Shakespeare at the outset of this novel.

     The Glades is an exciting and compelling read, although one wonders why a self-reliant single woman must find romance as the narrative concludes. Perhaps the connection between Maddy and Adam is the setup for John Netti’s next novel, which his readers look forward to.

Anne-Marie Ray, Professor of English


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