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In 1964, 12-year-old Maddy Reynolds kneeled at her father’s grave and promised to follow in his footsteps to become a detective. James Reynolds was murdered while investigating a serial killer case. When Maddy fulfills her pledge in 1978 and becomes the first women detective in an Upstate New York town, what she doesn’t realize is the man who is killing young girls in her community murdered her father and has returned for her too.

The Glades


When Detective Maddy Reynolds escapes street violence by leaving her job to live in the Adirondacks, she builds a house on Berry Lake, across from The Glades. Avery Jordan, its founder, operates a sex-trafficking operation out of the sprawling retreat. He and his minions are on a collision course with the renowned detective when they try to discover her true purpose for moving to the remote location. 

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The Ledger

Release Date, June 8th, 2023

Maddy Reynolds can’t escape the world of criminals and harm’s way, no matter how hard she tries. After leaving her job in Upstate NY, the retired detective moves to the Adirondacks, but the humpback mountains and endless beauty can’t keep evil out.

A guy follows her at the airport, a car takes off after killing the man she’s meeting with for lunch, a woman calls, begging for help, and Maddy knows something’s amiss, but she doesn’t know what.


Powerful men who purchased sex slaves send Naomi White, Maddy’s long-time nemesis, for a ledger that contains their names. Naomi believes Maddy has it; if she doesn’t find it, she knows they’ll kill her.


Maddy must resurrect her detective skills and reach deep for the strength to endure a relentless onslaught by Naomi and others to survive the ordeal.

Jacobi Park

Upcoming Book

It’s a scorching July afternoon, and police officer Mike Havlicek is called to an incident near the statue in Jacobi Park. He’s expecting to find a couple of kids fighting, but the park’s groundskeeper is insane for no apparent reason, and ambulance med techs are holding him down. Mike unravels the mystery and finds himself steeped in the paranormal. Major Harlen Jacobi, the man in the statue, is about to escape from his place on the granite pedestal to unleash hell on the city of Cedar Creek, and Mike is the only person who can stop him.


Quote from the book: “Major Harlen Jacobi refused to have his face covered on the gallows and swore he would rise on the flames of hell to have his vengeance.

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Liverpool, New York